I2FG: International Impulse Forming Group

The objective of the International Impulse Forming Group (I²FG) is the promotion of science and research in the field of high-velocity forming and joining (impulse forming). The term impulse forming refers to forming processes providing the necessary forming energy in approximately 10 microseconds or less; such processes are for example :

  • electromagnetic pulse forming,
  • electromagnetic pulse joining,
  • electrohydraulic forming
  • explosive forming.

By providing and spreading procedural knowledge, I2FG shall contribute to an increase in the level of awareness of the physical phenomena, of the engineering process design and technologies and shall help to promote their technical application.

A further aim is the expansion of national and international cooperation in the field of impulse forming. The International Impulse Forming Group shall offer scientists, manufacturers, users as well as other interested persons a platform for the exchange of experience and accumulation of knowledge. Furthermore, the I2FG shall contribute to the promotion of young scientists from the field of impulse forming.


Ir. Koen Faes is currently the chairman of this group.

Please contact Koen Faes for further information.



  • dr. ir. Koen Faes

    Team Leader Research | Project Manager
    +32 (0)9 292 14 03