WAAMMEC Final Projectevent

donderdag, 23 maart 2023
Belgian Welding Institute (BWI), Technologiepark 48, 9052 Zwijnaarde

A benchmark of Mechanical and Fatigue properties of steel welding wires for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

A major barrier to wide industrial application of WAAM is the lack of a systematic knowledge of both metallurgical and mechanical properties of the printed components. This applies in particular to the fatigue properties of dynamically loaded components, which are an important part of standard requirements for material qualification. Notwithstanding the static strength of additively manufactured components is often equivalent to, or even better than, that of conventionally manufactured properties, there is significant variation in reported fatigue properties. This poses a particular challenge for implementation of WAAM for dynamically loaded and critical components. The variation in fatigue properties is also influenced by faults present in the deposited metal and by surface roughness of the printed components. However, it has been shown in the literature that significant improvement in fatigue properties can be achieved with good process control.

WAAMMEC project results

Currently, very little data is available to the design engineer regarding the mechanical properties (especially fatigue properties) and the expected weld and print quality for a given application. This prevents the further implementation of the 3D WAAM process in industry. This WAAMMEC project aims to give companies/designers/welding engineers insights into these (fatigue) properties as well as to develop a methodology for (rapid) testing.  Also, this research will contribute to the development of (new) standards/guidelines for additive manufacturing.

Join us at the WAAMMEC Final Projectevent

Thursday 23/03/2023

  • Participation is free of charge, registration mandatory.
  • Location: Belgian Welding Institute (BWI), Technologiepark 48, 9052 Zwijnaarde (road description
  • Organisation: BWI and Ugent
  • Event language: English

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16h20 - 16h50  Visit and Demonstration at BWI's WAAM Facilities 

17h00 - 17h30  Visit and demonstration at UGent – Rapid Fatigue Testing Equipment

17h40 - 18h00  Other WAAM ideas and running projects

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