Seminar: ICHSF2020

woensdag, 9 september 2020
Dortmund, Germany

The largest confluence of experts in the field of impulse-based metalworking, the 9th International Conference on High Speed Forming will be held in Dortmund on September 9th - 11th, 2020. Please join the conference as an author, an industry expert, a student or someone simply looking to explore this technology.

In addition to the presentation of new research results regarding high speed forming, the conference intention is to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and the discussion between industrial operators and researchers on an international stage. The topics covered by the conference will reach from new developments in impulse forming to current industrial applications of these processes to future aims of high speed forming.

The conference will cover the following topics:
Process Technologies

Forming and joining technology technologies driven by electromagnetic, electrohydraulic, explosive, hydro punch, vaporizing foil actuator, laser ablation and other novel mechanisms.

Tools and Equipment

Design guidelines and applications of tooling and pulsed power equipment design


Process efficiency, emission, and life cycle analysis

Materials and Measurement Techniques

Material characterization, high speed testing methods, and process monitoring

Modeling and Simulation

Finite and boundary element methods, physical modeling, and analytical techniques

Industrial Applications

High speed forming applications, Impulse welding and crimping as well as hybrid processes


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