Non destructive testing of micro-joints

Non destructive testing is necessary to verify that no welding defects are present. BWI has a large expertise in destructive testing. The Microsoud platform is next to welding equipment also well equipped with standard NDT technologies: ultrasonic and penetrant, magneto microscopy, radiography. For penetrant testing, it is possible to work with coloured liquids, or with fluorescent liquids to detect defects which are at the surface. 

Radiography allows to detect volumetric defects (shrinkage cavities, inclusions, porosities) or flat defects such as cracks and lack of fusion.

In addition to the traditional X-rays and radioactive sources (Ir, Se, ..), custom techniques exist for micro-control. High resolution radiography uses an X-ray source with a micro-focus. This lowers the geometric blur and thus increases the image quality.  

The use of digital radiography combined with the ability for image magnification allows to measure small indications of a few tenths microns. Thanks to the latest generation of numerical image processing techniques, a reconstruction of the workpiece and its internal defects in three dimensions is possible (tomography).