Friction spot welding of aluminium alloys - Practical information

Project description

Project type

The research project type is a CorNet Collective research project. This is a European project type, for companies, interested in a particular subject.


Companies interested in the welding technique or the subject, can follow-up the project. A company can participate in the project in 2 ways; active or non-active.

  • Non-active participation: the company does not have its own applications for investigation in the project. The company can follow up the project results, and will receive all results via either the six-monthly meetings, or through the progress reports and publications.
  • Active participation: the company introduces its own application in the project. The feasibility of using the proposed process will be investigated for a number of these applications. We will develop the applications as close as possible to the industrial reality, but in some cases simplifications will have to be made in terms of geometry or dimensions.

The project has a duration of 2 years. A meeting is organised every 6 months, where the latest results will be presented. The welding trials, characterisation of the joints, metallography, etc. will be carried out by the research centres. During the execution of the projects, the industrial participants can steer the project where necessary, so that the results meet the industrial reality.

Financial contribution

For the execution of the research, it is necessary that the participating companies supply materials for performing the the experiments.

  • dr. ir. Koen Faes

    Team Leader Research | Project Manager
    +32 (0)9 292 14 03