Download page Handouts Online training Session 1 & 2

Handout: Session 1 - General introduction into welding.
Handout: Session 2 - Destructive testing of materials and welded joints.


Download the handouts of the online training sessions by clicking on the links below

PDF icon bd_22-159_handouts_-_welding_terminology_tig_-_mig_and_mag_01-04-2022.pdf.pdf

PDF icon nv_22-159_handouts_-_introduction_into_destructive_testing_of_welds_01-04-2022.pdf


The Belgian Welding Institute provides currently the folowing workshops that might be interesting to you

  • Workshop Lassymbolisatie volgens EN ISO 2553
  • Workshop Visueel beoordelen van lasverbindingen
  • Opleiding VT(w)-2
  • Workshop Lasserskwalificatie volgens EN ISO 9606-1
  • Workshop Lasmethodekwalificaties volgens de EN ISO 15614-1

Currently there are no workshops held in English, the above workshops will be held in dutch only.

Please visit for an overview of all upcomming events.