Bend test

At the Belgian Welding Institute, 3-point bend testing can be performed. During testing, the outer fibre of the test specimen will be subjected up to a pre-determined percentage of elongation. This technique is often used to assure the proper quality of welded joints. After testing, the welded joint is inspected and all found welding imperfections can be measured and reported.

Voorbeeld van twee buigproef samples

  • Material characterization and verification
  • Welding procedure qualification (e.g. according to EN ISO 15614)
  • Welder qualification (e.g. according to EN ISO 9606)
Test standards
  • EN ISO 7438: Bend test
  • EN ISO 5173: Bend test of welded joints

If testing has to be performed according to any other test standard (e.g. ASME, AWS, ASTM,...) listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us!