Participate in research

Because your vision is important to us and key for the further elaboration of our research roadmap, we offer you the possibility to participate in our research projects.

Do you think research will bring new opportunities in your area of competence?
Let's share insights and define development opportunities.

We are interested to participate in research

Research projects in preparation

Acoustic emission quality monitoring of fusion welding and coating processes

COAMWELD: Advanced metal components through optimal combination of additive manufacturing and welding

Acoustic emission as a quality monitoring tool for automated fusion welding and cladding processes

Real-time quality control for welding processes

Ultrasonic welding of metals

Electromagnetic pulse welding of sheet metals


Preparing for the future

The BWI experts constantly follow up on new joining technologies. This technology watch in combination with our research projects guarantee building up knowledge on promising new techniques and ensuring appropriate advice now and in the future. Our vast network of partners also guarantees access to a variety of joining technologies.


Innovation support, including in the area of:

  • behaviour of materials during welding and in service,
  • determination of the appropriate materials and welding processes,
  • production techniques, such as welding, cutting and surface treatment,
  • process and quality control,
  • safety and reliability.